Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Use orange!: A Drunken Stampers challenge

Wow, it's been a long few days, and weeks really, for everyone on the Drunken Stampers team!

So, welcome to my tardy Drunken Stampers post, which I feel relieved to say is not the only late Drunken Stampers post (I do win the prize for the very latest post, though).

Congratulate me everyone.

OK, this week we're pushing you to feel the zest of summer fruit, the bumpy texture of a sporting ball, the joy of all that comes with orange. You know, like the fruit, the basketball and the color?

I'm tired, alright. Funny and snarky dive straight out the window when I'm tired.So does sticking to the point. And that's seriously bad since my ability to maintain continuity is poor even when I'm well rested.

Anyhow, Drunken Stampers challenge number 71: Orange!

Check out my little ATC with the orange balloon! Do you love it? It's courtesy a wee bit of InkyAntics' honeycomb paper pad!

I mounted that on a background of distress ink, color wash spots, rock candy distress stickles and that tape stuff of which I suddently forget the name.

The balloon is strung with a few lengths of twine which are attached to a wee woven basket.

Now our little balloon is ready to float above homes and parks and playgrounds where it'll surely pass you while you're creating your very own color challenge piece!


  1. Your balloon is SOOO cool!. I have had the pattern to make one with a champagne bottle wire but haven't got around to it. Yours is even better! Get some rest..Donna

  2. This is such a creative card, love it!!

  3. The balloon is so awesome, love the vibrant colour. Yvonne xx

  4. This is AWESOME! Love the balloon!

  5. i LOOOOOOVE that balloon!! this is FABULOUS!! =)
    hugs, SannaS

  6. I love orange and your work is fantastic.

  7. You know I don't think I use enough orange! Your balloon is fantastic!

  8. Beautiful is inspiring to read your sweet comment!
    I am immensely grateful for the love!
    kisses kisses

  9. That balloon is FANTASTIC - love the way you have defined the gores of the balloon with the twine, totally über cool! Also that dream text in the lower right, just perfect for this dreamy card! Love it!

  10. Love the orange balloon! The twine and basket really add that fun touch! Congratulations!!! He!He!

  11. Leave it to you! I've been looking for honeycomb paper all over the place! This is just fabulous! Love the orange. xxD