Sunday, June 12, 2011

Winners of inspiration, support and a blog candy thank you!

Twenty one wonderful readers left me a note on this post explaining what inspires them when his or her muse seems to be in hiding!

And now, from those comments My Guy has randomly chosen the winners (yelled the numbers 17 and 13 from his office).

The first prize of a single Octopode collage sheet goes to: 

  • Sandy Ang said...Not here for the candy but just to share my thoughts on your question. when I'm not inspired, I take a break. try to look at the world around with fresh eyes. anything from mismatched shoes to graffiti posters

Thanks for your comment Sandy! We could all benefit from using "fresh eyes" now and then (even when we're not talking about art)!

Finally, the Grand Prize of five Octopode collage sheets goes to:

  • The Craft Cupboard Under the Stairs said...What inspires me? You do! And many of the other talented artists that share their techniques, talent and selves on their blogs and in their posts. Everyone I've "met" has been so supportive and positive. But, when I'm in that "hole" I encourage myself to start with just the simple basics - reall routine stuff that doesn't require thought - cut out the tag, distress the edge, color a piece of ribbon.....sometimes, the bits start talking to me and I'm off and running.

Now our friend at Craft Cupboard Under the Stairs had previously commented on my muse-less post from May 17. So Craft Cupboard receives the grand prize, plus an additional VIP prize in the form of an additional collage sheet! Yay!

And we all win when reading Craft Cupboard's comment: Because it's brilliant to start again with the basics to get your muse back into shape!

Thanks again to everyone who commented, and who shares his or her ideas on their own blogs, forums and Web sites: I hope we see each other 'round the blog-o-sphere for a long time to come!


  1. How lucky to be picked for your blog candy ! THanks

  2. Congrats to the winners, and I so enjoyed reading everyone's comments on the original post; they were quite inspirational on their own right! Thanks so much Tracy for posing such an interesting question with such fun candy!

  3. Congratulations to the winners! Always will come here for a visit, because it is just fun! Have a great week!