Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fruity cocktails: A Drunken Stampers challenge

Whether your choice is a raspberry or a lemon, an orange or a strawberry, add a little tequila, or a bit of rum, perhaps vodka, some ice, a shimmy, a shake and you're prepared to enjoy summer and the current Drunken Stampers Challenge!

Any challenge that asks you to mix up a Fruity Cocktail is special, and this one has an extra bonus: It's a Summer of 2011 Challenge!

This means that you have until September 2 to create a card or a plaque or scrapbook page that uses the Fruity Cocktail theme!

Yup, you got it folks, the Drunken Stampers are taking a two-month vacation! How else would we have time to enjoy the cocktails we've been working so hard to produce?

As you can see from my card this KennyK bathing beauty has already started her summer vacation cocktail fest: Considering her obvious confusion though she should probably stick to virgin margaritas.

Fortunately, you're completely ready for a 50-proof-plus blender treat, as well as whichever sort of woohoo on the beach you prefer!

See you in September everyone!


  1. Wow, she looks a real sassy lady, just ready for the beach party. Great card. Yvonne xx

  2. Well she is a real cutie! Love the sentiment behind her! Well I for one am not a tequila fan, never touch the stuff no matter what the pictures say! Hopefully you will be around and it is only DS that is off until September!