Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 2: Celebrate Mad Hatter Day with a Mad Tea Party, Altered Alice Style!

Let's start this post with a paragraph about our sponsor for this month's The Altered Alice: The Artistic Stamper. 

The Artistic Stamper is generously offering offering a £15 pound voucher for The Artistic Stamper stamps! They have a WONDERFUL online store that offers free worldwide shipping on orders more than £35 and they carry loads of my favorite brands. The Artistic Stamper Creative Team Blog offers amazing inspiration and interesting challenges, so be sure to visit! Jennie has kindly provided our design team with the Mabel Lucie Attwell Mad Hatter Stamp for our projects this month!

This stamp is absolutely ideal for our team since our challenge this month also focuses on what we, and you, are bringing to our Mad Tea Party!

Check out The Altered Alice week 2 post here to see what each of the design team, and guest design team members brought to the party!

In addition to a garden of flamingos in week one, I've also brought my Altered Alice art along for week two!

I enjoyed creating this piece from the black embossed Mad Hatter stamp on vintage book page to the mushrooms and tree tops on vintage music pages.

Each of the individual tree top "blobs" is a swirl of multiple layers of Cray-Pas in yellows and greens which were then melted with a heat gun. This caused the oil pastels to blend and bleed together and then harden after cooling. 

The same technique was used to create the mushrooms that are a combination of yellow, orange and red, along with a bit of blue grey for outlining purposes.

The embossed stamp is colored with pencils and, in my opinion, has a fantastic appearance in person: The glossy embossing literally and figuratively pops on the page while the colored pencil fill in is transparent, allowing text to show here and there.

The only thing that could have made me happier with this piece is if I'd been able to use an Alice in Wonderland book page.

Which also would have made me sad actually. Because that would mean someone was so mean to an Alice book that it became damaged enough to use for altered art.

So I guess this all means I could not, in fact, be happier with this piece.

Now don't be shy fellow artists, grab your hat and your umbrella bird and drop in at the Altered Alice tea party: We're impatiently waiting to see how this theme comes together for you!


  1. It looks like a page out of a pop up book, fab work my friend. Annette x

  2. I would like to see this one in person. I think it would be even more amazing! Have fun at the party but be careful what you eat. Hugs..Donna

  3. FABULOUS! I thought the colors were thick paint, like acrylics. I had not realized they were melted and re-hardened oil pastels! What an INTERESTING technique and the results are WONDERfully Wonderland! Thanks so much for being a great player on The Altered Alice design team!

  4. This is sooooo cool. Love it!! :-)

  5. Gorgeous, it looks as if it has just popped out of a childrens book and I would want to join that party for sure. Yvonne xx

  6. This is such a neat piece, I love the creativity that just jumps off the page. Great job, you play very well in this group.

    Thanks for hanging with us!

  7. perfeito detalhe da arvore com partitura musical!

  8. I love your piece...When I look at feels like I'm there in the forest, peeking at the tea party as it's happening :)
    I bought a Lewis Carroll soft cover Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. I copy the illustrations all the time. Maybe I'll go to Borders and buy another....and use it for an Altered Alice piece! Thanks for giving me the idea :)