Sunday, August 7, 2011

12 Tags Christmas 2009 Day 8: Grungy Monday

Grungy Monday is always the coolest stuff. Lots and lots of neat things. So many in fact that frequently I'm not sure about the challenge.

Drop in at StudioL3 to see what everyone has created this week: They know what's happening and it's awesome. I'm the only one who is confused.

Because this week focuses on Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of Christmas 2009 Day 8 there are three, erm four, techniques involved, but we're supposed to do it our way. So, well, I feel slogging though a muddy ditch stuck. How unique is something going to be if I have to do four things the same way as the first thing?

I'm not complaining: Linda is the nicest artist ever and Tim's ideas are fantastic. I'm only saying that I get bogged down trying to figure out what exactly is the challenge.

And all of that is stupendously stupid since I rarely attempt to emulate what's already been done, let alone actually understand how to follow freakin' rules or recipes in the first place.

Anyhow, in what is now more than a couple hundred words already, the point we were trying to get 'round to is that I first thought the technique was the vellum thing, here it's the poison label.

Then I figured it's the splotching, beat up background, see my grunged up drippy drop tag?

Oh! No! It's the black embossed stamp on grunge! That's the challenge: See my death guy there? Got that challenge nailed.

Oop. Hold on. Now Tim's teaching us how to attach a little something with a hitch fastener. Erm, grmph ... got it ... wee corked vial filled with glitter and flock ... ahm, I mean filled with poison.

So, whatever the challenge was I managed to create it. All in one weird, boring, but still sort of enjoyable tag.

Thanks for journeying with me through the strange thought processes that fill my addled brain and frequently cause horrible hiccups in the creation of art.

Don't forget to visit Linda at StudioL3, check out Tim's techniques that were used for this tag and then click around Tim's blog that has buckets of amazing ideas!


  1. Well I did not even use a hitch fastener, so I guess that is my challenge or lack of. Do love how you attached the bottle! This tag is so awesome! You even filled the bottle with poison!

  2. No idea what you are on about but WOW love your tag it rocks XOXO Zoe

  3. It's not boring at all! The subtle colors are great! Vellum is cool. Great job!

  4. Am definitely confused, but do love your tag, its truly wicked. xx

  5. Awesome! You have a death stamp?! Jealous! Weird yes (but 'cuz that's good)boring never enyoyable - always.

  6. Well your tag is certainly awesome.The poison bottle is pure inspiration. Yvonne x

  7. I see what you mean about trying to decide which technique to use, but by my estimation, you've used them all. WooHoo! Great tag. I may just try to play along there sometime (but I may be calling you to figure out what the heck I should be doing.) LOL xxD

  8. You are truely an insiring artist, your tag is fantastical, I just love it.

  9. Love that label on vellum, looks really cool! You go girl!

  10. ohhhh getting in the spirit of Halloween I see.
    I LOVE it!
    hugs lynn