Saturday, August 27, 2011

Steampunk and feathers: The Octopode Factory Friday Challenge

Each week I see a few more of you at the The Octopode Factory Friday challenge, and it's so exciting!

After all, everyone knows how much I love Octopodes, so it's additionally wonderful to see in what way multiple artists envision Octopodes in the weekly challenge themes.

That doesn't mean I get myself on to TOFF every week though: Last week I got by to discover the challenge, and even created a challenge piece, but never found time to post.

So, my piece for last week's "Birds of a Feather" is posted here: It's an alcohol ink splatter on white gloss card stock with the remaining white smudged in sapphire Distress Ink.

The text is printed and inked with Distress Ink in various colors, and I added rhinestones to the word "Feathers" because what else would a bat's be full of than lovely shiny pink feathers?

I'm very fond of bats, and all other rodent-like animals. Can you tell?

My piece for this week's challenge, Steampunk, begins with a collage tag I found at DezinaWorld (six different printable tags for TWO BUCKS!).

Then I added some printed and inked text and the lovely Steampunk Mabel.

Since you asked, I'll tattle on myself: I've been enjoying the last week or so creating some very simple pieces. My goal lately has been to focus on color and style combinations instead of worrying about adding hewhaws and gewgaws.

Not to worry however since the concept of not including bits of this and that is too painful to maintain for any length of time.

OK friends, off to create your own Octopode Factory Friday challenge goodness!


  1. Completely and utterly wacky you are so in tune with these designs hysterical XOXO Zoe

  2. Too funny! Love the bat sentiment, and the other is equally charming!