Saturday, August 27, 2011

Carnival of Curiosities: Haunted Design House

Surely you could already hear me gleefully giggling at this week's Macabre Monday challenge at Haunted Design House!

Another chance to use one of my Whimsical Circus Octopodes! Woohoo!

Today's troop member is our fluffy-haired, big-nosed clown. You can see that she's terribly shocked to discover that so many of us find clowns terrifying.

In fact she's so shocked that her wee little brain is considering a bit of bloodshed with a nice big butcher knife *shudder*.

At my house we don't like clowns. Or any other animal or person in a mask or disguising makeup. That is what makes us shudder. Freaky flippin' fakers. I want to see your face people. If not ... please keep your distance.

As referred to in my previous post: Bats and rats good. Masks and clowns bad. And grasshoppers. Were I ever forced to be in a reality television program they could easily finish me with a handful of grasshoppers.

Or those damn living statues like the performers near Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. Super Freaky! The statues, not the Cafe. The Cafe is awesome.

... whew, see this is why you want me to keep the posts short ... so there's a chance in hell I'll stick to the point.

Back to our challenge: I used a background from DezinaWorld (this background is ONE DOLLAR ... and there's lots more great stuff for just a buck!).

I added some clear embossing with glitter around the edges, a drippy goo edge punch embellishment with red glitter and handwritten text "Everyone loves a clown."

Finally I get to show off the Tim Holtz small easel die cut attached to the back of this piece. My favorite part of the easel die is that I can make shelf or desktop art for friends that can be mailed in a regular envelope with a single first class stamp!

What can you create that costs only 44 cents to mail? Something for the Macabre Monday Carnival of Curiosities challenge perhaps?


  1. Excellent work, fab image and bg. I thought it was only us Scots that used the word wee! xx

  2. Love the background! Your circus act is fabulously fun! So do you like the little easal die? I decided to pass on that, because I just did not know if I would use it! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. Love it! You certainly managed to creep her up, didn't you!? I love that background too. Must look into that. And I just bought that easel stand too. Fabulous! THanks for joining the Minions again this week, Tracy! And I love reading your posts. (Especially the long ones. LOL) xxD

  4. Terrific background and love the image. Such fun. x

  5. ...Yep clowns are BAD.... totally freak me out... love your creation.... but not the clowns!
    Thanks for playing along again at HDH .... see you again soon.

  6. Okay, I LOVE this!! It is just so flipin' funny, I must have it! LOL

  7. Been catching up on all your recent posts, they are all brilliant. Love this little charactor as well. Yvonne x