Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vincent Price and the 100's: Haunted Design House

Haunted Design House is honoring their 100th Macabre Monday by celebrating Vincent Price's 100th birthday which would have been earlier this year!

Surely Price, a man who believed that creating, studying and enjoying art was one of the most important goals of life, would have been very pleased to be honored by the Haunted Design House crew.

He definitely would have been thrilled to see the giveaway the HDHers also are offering to one lucky winner who can gain entry by commenting on all of the design team blogs, by participating in the challenge, and by posting a little something about their 100th challenge celebration (I hope this counts for my own little something).

And, before I share the details about my own piece I have to point out that through no planning or on my part: This is my 100th post of 2011!

I realized that little tidbit when I signed on to write this post ... I hope it's a clue to good luck instead of a nasty omen. Though that would be even stranger since this is the Macabre Monday challenge.

OK, on to the art (I heard that sigh of relief).

My piece features handwritten text "Merchant of Menace" on a Holtz Bigz die banner and the word "revenge" cut with my Cricut. I accented the corners with three brads from unknown origin and one idea-ology photo corner.

The image, "Mercius," is from Simply Betty Stamps and is colored with Sharpies, colored pencils and random markers found in the nearest craft drawer. Doesn't Mercius remind you of Vincent? I bet they've got roughly the same waist size.

Finally, we have the background: Isn't it stupendous? I knew you'd love it. I received it as part of a blog prize in June from the Haunted Design House and sponsor Susan's Crafty Chaos (go check out her stuff, you'll love what she's created for paper and digital artists).

I know, after all of that it seems unfair for me to even hope I'd win yet another prize, doesn't it?

Maybe I'm selfish. Or maybe I'm goading you into doing your part to cut down my chances by getting over to the Haunted Design House and participating yourself!


  1. Hehe very excellent work and you never know.. fortune favours the brave or something along those lines. Great project and great colouring I don't think I could even imagine how you coloured him with sharpies but you did an excellent job. x

  2. This is a wonderful piece! Congratulations on your 100th post!

  3. Oh how fabulously dapper he looks! Wonderful entry, Tracy, and I'd say your 100th post is a very lucky omen! Thanks for joining the Minions this week. xxD

  4. oh wow!!! this is awesome!! love it!!! =)
    hugs, SannaS

  5. This is so COOL! Love that background, and he's the perfect image! Spooky cool! lol!

  6. Its a great piece and the background is awesome. Yvonne x

  7. Hey Tracy!! I LOVE Vincent Price! I only have one dvd of him, from some dollar bin, called "The Last Man on Earth". Vintage horror, for sure! So funny to watch, compared to today's films, but as an old classic, I love it! Wish I had more movies with him in them, but eventually, hopefully I will!.. Love the "piece" you made here! At first I thought it was an ATC, but it must be bigger than that now, going by the details you explain. Whatever the case, it looks awesome! ~tina

  8. Fabulous card, the image is well dishy! and the background rocks love it. Good Luck XOXO Zoe

  9. He is definitely a ladies man and so good looking. Great piece and good luck with the challenge. Annette x

  10. Wonderful entry for our Vincent challenge at HDH! That background paper is killer (must head over to Susan's) and the fact that you used Sharpies is brilliant! Best of luck!!
    Thanks for playing with us this week Macabre Monday!

  11. Congratz on your 100th post.
    Well, I haven't even written 100 posts during the 2 years I am trying to run my blog. Lazy me.

    I love your card. I think Mercius is at least as well dressed as Vincent Price. I found Mr. Price surprisingly well dressed for a horror movie acor. But you imagine them (the horror movie actors) as sloppy dressed with worn shoes, tears in their trousers and ragged jackets. But V.P. always looks like a real gentleman.

  12. 100 posts in 2011, whoohoo! LOVE your piece, I feel SURE Vincent would be honored! Wasn't he a grand old fellow, with that fabulous voice! Love him in those old farces! And you are such an enabler, I had forgotten about these FAB digis and now I *NEED* them all! Great work!1