Friday, August 5, 2011

Girls, girls, girls: The Octopode Factory Friday Challenge

Today we have visiting a Whimsical Little Angel and Little Devil from the Octopode Factory!

They're here just in time, in fact, for The Octopode Factory Friday challenge of "Girls, girls, girls."

Aren't these two adorable? Aren't they wonderful with their hearts afire and zooming stars? Aren't they idyllic on a background land created with Tim Holtz's Compendium technique page 41?

Aren't they everything you'd expect from a little sugar and spice?

Of course they are ... if you are someone who actually knows a woman, a girl, a female. Because anyone who has knowledge of any woman, girl, female ... has the knowledge of sugar and spice.

We of the fairer sex, we of the good and the bad, the angelic and devilish. We possess both, at all times.

And frequently manage to use each, at the same time, no matter the goal.

Which is, of course, what makes us so much smarter, more creative and generally better than men.

Unless you're one of my male followers, in which case you should know that you're perfectly wonderful and amazing as well.

Just not quite as amazing as we women, girls, females.

No matter your gender you should trot along to The Octopode Factory Friday challenge and join in, I know you'll be welcome!


  1. Great post and of course we women are
    Loving your card, the characters are so cute and great background. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x Now why will I be doing the washing etc.....hmmm something wrong here while husband puts his feet

  2. Sugar and Spice are twice as nice! Love this card! Your story reminds me of this "Women are Angels. When someone breaks our wings, we continue to fly...on a broomstick." Have a great weekend!

  3. EEEEKKK!!! This is so absolutely PERFECT!!!!

  4. Love your post, I totally agree, we women are just brilliant. Your card is super, and those characters are pure 'sugar and spice'. Yvonne x

  5. Wonderful card, great background colors.

  6. Brilliant idea for the challenge.

    I shall ignore the last bit of the post. As a mere male I wouldn't like to shatter your illusions :p


  7. oops ignore the email lol
    Love your entry yet again