Saturday, May 8, 2010

Homegrown salsa 2010

This post is a short one, and only meant to cheer Mother Nature and her willingness to continue providing us with opportunities to again grow our own salsa ingredients.

Year after year we've tried, at our little Reno home, to grow some edibles. For roughly three years we have managed to grow some lovely herbs and an onion that is similar to a green onion.

This year we're again trying some other things: Yukon Gold potatoes, Vidalia onions, red onions, pinto beans and yellow corn. Just today a red onion has peeked above the soil and two beans we planted LAST year have actually sprung up.

Based on this we're very much confident that we'll be digging up SOMETHING this year, aside from parsley, that we can eat.

Now, with the additions I'm putting in the ground this weekend (tomatoes, dill, jalapeno peppers and cilantro), we're really hoping to serve our own salsa for My Guy's birthday in August.

Keep your fingers crossed, folks!

Oh, and after five years of care our tulips have finally made a brilliant showing, the hostas are beginning to peek out and the iris are budding.

New flowers this year are two decently-sized Asiatic lilies ... gorgeous blooms on them already ... I hope they bloom again before summer is finished.

Whew. Am I excited about the garden possibilities this year? Hell yes! When do I think this additional hobby will fit in? Who knows.


  1. That lily is GORGEOUS! Good luck with your salsa garden-- I think that's a great idea, and I'm hoping I, too, can get more than parsley this year!

  2. Beautiful Lilly and homemade salsa! yum!

  3. Oh my goodness your flower are gorgeous!! I am crap with flowers - I can do a vegetable garden like a pro, but I need some hardy flowers to work... :P