Sunday, May 16, 2010

Use those scraps: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

The Drunken Stampers challenge this week asked designers to dig out the scrap bin.

I have three of these: A bin for die cuts and pieces that I have made, but had no designated use for or didn't want to use after I'd made them; a bin for small bits and paper with weird holes; and, finally, the I Can Not Possibly Throw This Away bin.

This week's creation made use of all three bins.

There's the fiendish skull with fiery eyes. He's from a computer game box My Guy was going to throw away years ago. I cut the skull and surrounding "frame" and ran it through the Cuttlebug ... sandpaper here, sand paper there. Done.

The skull backer is a piece of scrap from a card I made only last week. The shiny on this backer is from Distressed Stickles that I squirted on and rubbed around.

A cemetery fence, from my made-it-and-didn't-use-it bin, was originally meant for the DS Mardi Gras challenge (alas, drunken party chick won out and cemetery scene went into the bin).

The sign is a bit of roof flashing I'd run through the Cuttlebug awhile back, just to see if it would emboss.

So, there you have it folks. A skull and cemetery themed birthday card. All made from stuff out of the scrap bins.

See you next Saturday! Prost!


  1. OH, COOL!!!!

    Way to put those scraps to good use, girlfriend! This is completely fabulous! The embossing on the skull looks amazing, and all the elements work perfectly together. I raise my Drunken Stampers martini glass to you, again!


  2. Very cool card ! You have way better scraps then I do :-) Thanks for joining us on DS and know I will be around off and on all summer to play !

  3. This is tooooooooooo cool! LOVE it ... and dontcha just do the dance of joy when you can use up your scraps?!? Me too!!

  4. wonderful! Glad to know I'm not the only one who grabs stuff that hubby wants to throw away LOL! love the card:)

  5. This is just sooooo cool! I love that skull it is just sooooo awesome!!! I hope you are feeling better soon too my dear! Thanks for playing along with us again this week! :D

  6. OMGosh this is so very,very cool!

  7. Awesome! Very cool card! I wish I would have got a cool card like this when I turned 40.