Sunday, May 16, 2010

One week into salsa season

Last week we posted a quick cheers to Mother Nature and her willingness to continually pretend that we might one day have very green thumbs indeed.

That day, one week ago in fact, we tilled the soil, churning good in and bad out of our herb garden. We checked on the vegetable bed (two year-old beans had managed to sprout). And we triumphantly planted two tomato and one dill plants.

This was triumphant because it's taken us years only to get to the point that we thought MAYBE a tomato plant might survive, let alone produce deep red globes of salsa base.

So, to update you: Mother Nature has a damn fine sense of humor. The photo to the right here ... that one with the dead damn tomato plant. That's today (but it looked pretty much the same less than 24 hours after we'd planted it).

Turns out, Mama Green had to deliver another snow storm and several days of freezing temperatures. Damn again.

We do have good news, though: The vegetable garden has sprouted several onions and at least one corn stalk. We're still holding our breath on the potatoes.

And, the dill that we lovingly planted alongside the doomed tomatoes is pushing through: This second photo shows its fresh, spring-green sprouts pushing aside the dead bits.



  1. Go, dill, go!

    My little townhouse that I bought last summer came with now lawn (yay!) and a brick patio with a raised garden bad (more yay!). By the time we'd moved in at the beginning of August, it was a jungle of mutant prickly things and pretty scary to even walk near. I finally worked up my courage, put on a HAZMAT suit and went at it with a shovel, only to discover a HUGE volunteer tomato plant under all those murderous vines. It didn't produce much, but it was the thought that counted, y'know I hope your next batch of tomato plants is every bit as tenacious!

  2. LOLO, at Linda's Dill cheer^ ...

    Yeah, gardening is chancy work. And then, when you finally DO get that tomato or ear of corn, it only cost you $87.00 and 3 years off your life.