Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time and vintage inspiration: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

Hi again folks! This week's Drunken Stampers Challenge suggests creators use time and vintage as inspiration.

Today I already had a little something in mind before I discovered the parameters of the challenge: Our goddess on the moon.

It's an image from a Dover Publications silhouette book. You've heard me talk about Dover on more than one occasion. Dover is a useful outlet for all sorts of design needs, from digital images to coloring books for the little ones. Dover is awesome.

So, the goddess: I ran across her at random in one of the Dover books and instantly adored her. She reminds me of the vintage Leonetto Cappiello ads ... which are cool enough, but they also seem to focus entirely on alcohol and tobacco products. Um. Woohoo (though I quit smoking more than a year ago ... the IDEA of smoking remains pleasing)!

Alright, enough with the "It's Saturday, I'm enjoying the home bar and craft room" randomness. Back to the project.

My goddess reveals time as a limited commodity: Something to celebrate and, you know, CARPE!

There you have it. A vintage-style image with a nice circle of glittery card stock set on vellum that is stamped with Making Memories lettering. This is set roughly 1/4 inch above the backer with craft foam (Yay! foam!) and a chipboard hanger on the back makes my little goddess perfect to hang above the vanity as a daily, erm, nightly muse.

The day is not nearly done and I'm already looking forward to the night's activities! Prost!


  1. CB, this is my favorite yet of your always-gorgeous pieces! Your moon goddess is beyond spectacular. I keep going back to get another look at her. I love the dreamy vellum backdrop, and the soft colors. In fact, I love the entire thing! You're just knocking them outta the park, week after week!!!

    Congrats on your smoke-free year, too!


  2. oh WOW! wow WOW! I love this... it's amazing... all of what Linda said!

  3. Love your moon goddess! Thanks for playing along with us again this week at the Drunken Stampers! Have a great week!
    Hugs, Peg