Friday, May 7, 2010

Thinkin' of my mom: A Drunken Stamper's Challenge

WOOHOO! Check me out! Not only am I back on the interwebs and my blog, but I'm back at the bar! Whew. It's been a long freakin' couple of weeks people.

Thank you so much to everyone who waited on me and especially to a couple of people who actually checked in to make sure I was OK.

This is still a short post to essentially meet the Drunken Stamper's deadline for this week's challenge: Mother's Day card with photo of creator.

But, tomorrow and probably a bit through the weekend we'll be back with a few things that have been going on around our house.

In the meantime, you surely see my card here ... designed specifically for the Drunken Stamper's challenge, because my mom's card has been finished for a couple of weeks.

The handwritten text reads: "it is okay that I've never grown up ... it's okay that I've never been normal ... ask my mom, she knows ..."

And that photo you see, from my thrift store printer which is at least 10 years old with a toner (YES, toner) cartridge at least two years old, is me.

I'd guess about three years old, maybe four? Jumping on our Saint Bernard, Cognac. The pic was taken on the lawn of my favorite house ... the house I grew up in which burned to the ground some years back (long after we'd moved away), but was still horrifically heartbreaking for me.

Ah well, yes, I'll never grow up.

After a long week it's really damn near bed time, so I'll only stop for one more moment to say that the corner dots are Ranger Liquid Pearls and it's ever so pleasing to finally own a bottle of pearl goo.

Sleep well friends and we'll see you tomorrow: Refreshed, ready and reasonably rested for a new challenge and more posts ...


  1. Adorable! I'm glad to see you back and playing along with us! Have a great week!
    ps, I didn't get the email :(

  2. sweet! Love how your card turned out! It's great to have you back! :D Thanks for playing with us this week!



  3. Girlfriend, I have MISSED YOU! Don't you be disappearing like that again, y'hear?? :-)

    Your card is so wonderful, and you were a little cutie! Thanks for doing the challenge, and for being awesome.