Friday, June 4, 2010

Bird on a string: Inspired by Gingersnap Creations

I often take time on Fridays to hop around, blog to blog, checking in on what people have been doing for the previous week.

Today found me here and there and, as usual, at Linda's Studio L3. Linda does amazing work of which I'm often jealous. Today was no different and I ended up scurrying from her blog to Gingersnap Creations, where the artists are asked to use Wings (this is a very abbreviated version of their theme -- drop by Gingersnap for more information).

Anyhow, I've got 10 million ideas for who the hell knows what, one of which is a sort of steam-punky bird mobile. Which means Linda's beautiful work, along with that of the rest of the Gingersnappers, really got me thinking again about the metal bird I'd like to make.

But, I had intentions of doing A Lot today. I didn't have time to mess with flashing and rivets and on and on. There was no time for a freakin' paper bird either. This means I got absolutely nothing done EXCEPT the bird.

She didn't turn out the way I'd imagined, with movable wings, but for a very first ever try at this thing that's been bouncing around my brain for a few years ... not too bad.

Our little bird is made with Cosmo Cricket paper in Cricut-cut shapes held together with embroidery floss stitching.

Oh, and scarlet rhinestone eyes.

Whew. Now I can finally move on and play some Sims3 Ambitions ... unless the need to start working on the tin bird forces me out of my chair ...


  1. CB, I love her! What a gorgeous little bird you've created!!! Look at that cool stitching you did...and the perfect designer paper... and... everything! Wow!

    You're sweet to say such nice things about me, but girlfriend, you have NO REASON to be jealous of anyone. You're an incredible artist and your creations are always so original and eye-popping. I always love what you do and feel inspired whenever I visit your blog.

    Can't wait to see the steampunk bird mobile...

  2. OH, I was so excited from a friend standpoint that I almost forgot the Official Design Team part: Way to ROCK the Gingersnaps Wings Challenge!!! :-)

  3. this is sooooooo beautiful!!!!! So cute bird!!