Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mad Hatter Day: A Gingersnap Creations blog hop

Run across the street to Gingersnap Creations to check out all of the awesome Alice in Wonderland creations put together by the Gingersnap Creations team.

Alice and the Cheshire and the Hatter and their friends are already intriguing -- then when you see what the Gingersnap artists have come up with -- WOW! You'll be amazed!

My own card celebrates the Unbirthday tea party scene which is a combination of events in the original story, but is now a single part of our collective memories courtesy of Disney.

I do wish you could be here, looking at my card in person. Not that it's so great or improved by seeing it in person: But if you were here I could say "And LOOK! The March Hare is flocked! FEEL!"

The Merry Unbirthday theme, by the way, had to go on the card as I have been thinking all week long about the Drunken Stampers' birthday card challenge. Alas, no good ideas yet for that one.

Now, go to Gingersnap for the blog hop ...


  1. Very cool card!! Love the layout and color combo!
    Thanks for your comment on my site/card. Rest assured that I didn't chop my book, I copied the page on my computer. Funny, the same artwork in my book is offered in the stamps on the GC giveaway... hum...?

  2. great card, thank you for your lovely comment :)

  3. What a fun Un Birthday Tea! so creative , Thanks for playing along!

    You got lost in Kuna? Thats hard to do.Its so small. LOL. were about 10 miles outside of Kuna. I see your in Reno. My Mom and I go every year for her Birthday. Love the Atlantis hotel and spa!

  4. Fab card! I love all the cool silhouettes! Unbirthdays are my favorite occassion :)

    Thanks for helping expand our blog hop!

  5. What a cool "Unbirthday" card. I love all the embossing you did! Fantasic layout!!

  6. I love all the layered embossed textures, and hey - I can almost FEEL the flocking on that March Hare! ;-)

  7. CB, this is fan-freaking-tastic, girlfriend!!! Brilliant idea to flock the March Hare. I wish I *could* be there to feel the fuzziness! ♥

  8. This is wonderful, and I see from the other comments that I'm not the only one who can just about feel the flockiness.

  9. cute card..fantastic layering