Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coloured images and don't forget the bling: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

You're going to think I'm crazy after discovering that my submission for this week's Drunken Stampers Challenge is colored with crayon. Crayola's, even.

It's likely that most people in this week's challenge, Peg & Spike's Faves, will use sexy and pricey markers, perhaps a lovely watercolor pencil, or I should think at least some really interesting ink.

I chose crayons. What can I say? Some days I just really want to play with crayons. Especially my favorites from Binney & Smith because they have that special aroma. Admit it. You know. It smells like Kindergarten and brand new coloring books and everything fun about childhood.

Plus, there's the added joy of those awesome adult toys (... for crying out loud ... not THOSE toys ... this is a family blog, people). I'm talking about paper cutting machines and stamps and embossing guns and embossing powder!

I cut a "tattoo" heart from the Cricut Indie Art cartridge and gave it a shadow backer that was squished in a cherry blossom embossing folder (extra shinies back there are thanks to white pigment ink and clear embossing powder).

The main heart was outlined in purple Sharpie (again with the Sharpies) and filled with Crayola's blue violet.

The technique, and yes I love referring to ANY use of Crayons as a Technique, is to press hard while coloring. Chunks and bits of the crayon should be left behind on the paper.

Once the entire blank space is filled, blast the project with a heat gun until all of the chunks are melted into dark spots and streaked, whitish edges have appeared near the outlines.

Add a few rhinestones and, if you just can't put away the embossing gun, create a "hidden" sentiment with sparkle embossing powder.


  1. wow...that is really cool....the melting the technique. When I used to color with them I liked to rub a tissue paper over the colored are until soft and shine. I do not know if you ever tried it but I like the finished look.

    If you like Crayola so much you have to come to the Crayola Factory and take a tour of how the make them. Pretty neat I would say.

  2. oh this sounds like fun I'm going to have to give this a try, now where did I stash those crayons?

  3. CB, this is ROCKIN' gorgeous! I've got to try this technique-- it's really cool!

  4. Love it CB! I too LOVE the smell of a fresh box of crayons! I guess my love of colouring goes WAY back! LOL Thanks for playing along with us this week! :)