Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's Day card: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

The problem I ran into that took me so long to finish this project, is that these step cards are already so cool. I make the step base, then add a background ... and bang ... awesome (wait until you see my next step card, that one might never have embellishment because I like the main base so much).

Anyhow those devils at Drunken Stampers challenged me and you, too, to create something awesome for dad! Which means I finally had to make some decisions.

Here's what we ended up with: A step card that is going to look awfully pink and gay (as in delightful) to a lot of you. But my dad is an architect and artist who has never felt discomfort with any colors because they are "girly."

He's still got a solid man card as he prefers scotch, his favorite color is blue and he's likely hangin' out at home waiting for Germany to trounce everyone in the World Cup.

Back to the card: As noted we have a step design with DCWV background, three sentiments created on the Cricut (ENJOY is a bunch of separate letters nudged together with DesignStudio), the circles are punched from various scrap pieces with a 1/2 inch punch and the final additions are two metal embellishments in the shape of a champagne glass and a martini.

The main sentiment and "DAD" are cut from DCWV Rockstar stacks and ENJOY is cut from glitter paper (LOVE glitter paper).

The best thing of all is that when I call Sunday to tell my dad "Happy Father's Day" it'll be for the second time this month: I originally thought Father's Day was on June 6. So, he received a very jovial and confusing "Happy Day" call two weeks ago.

He probably thought I was drunk. Unfortunately it wasn't alcohol making me stupid, only my DNA.

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. CB, you have most definitely achieved awesomeness with your step card! Bet your dad will love this! He sounds like a great guy, which is not at all surprising. :-)