Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Steppin' up with the step cards

Hopefully this'll be a quickie post as there's a lot to do still tonight, tomorrow and the remainder of the week: Meaning if this doesn't get done now ... well, you know how it goes.

So, this step card has been awaiting some embellishment for weeks. The base and background, a flocked series of blocks cut from a Die Cuts With a View stack, turned out so beautifully that it was with distress that I considered what to add.

Finally, about two hours ago I realized: Single color, simple embellishments would be perfect.

The gold, heat-embossed sentiment and bicycle are from a Stampin' Up set called Chemin faisant (available here from Snowmanlover).

The metal medallion is from a set My Guy purchased for me more than five years ago and the burnt orange and yellow swirl designer paper behind the sentiment and elements is from a pack I found many, many more years ago.

Finally, if you're wondering how I managed to get that DCWV flocked paper cut so perfectly so that the damask-style design is maintained: Thank you Design Studio. I swear, one of these days I'll post a .cut file.

Until then, make sure you drop by Snowmanlover's Stampin' Up site, linked three graphs ago, and her blog linked here: You definitely need a few of the Stampin' Up sets, especially the French sets and the wheel stamps.


  1. OHHHH how gorgeous, Tracy!!!! Thanks so much for the link!!!!! YOu do great work!!!

  2. I actually *was* wondering how any mere mortal could cut that paper so perfectly! This is just fabulous, CB.

  3. Oh, this is fabulous!! LOVE your Tri-Shutter card!!