Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alcohol ink monoprint train wreck: A Studio L3 Compendium challenge

OK, honestly the Compendium challenge at Studio L3 this week is about the technique on page 51, alcohol ink monoprint.

MY creation however is a monoprint train wreck.

The thing is, I'm stuck for time this week which means I'm also stuck with this god-awful pile of paper and glue and glitter and ink for my Week 3 challenge submission.

HEY! What's that, over there? Behind you?

Yeah, yeah, let's go look over there ... nothing to see here, nothing at all.


  1. I am not seeing a train wreck!!! To me it is quite cool and original. I love the sentiment that is in the center of your fringed flower.

  2. Train wreck?? What the heck are you talking about, girl?? I think it's cool! The monoprinting looks great (like a tiger eye stone-- very pretty colors) and I love how your turned it into a sunflower. Don't be saying nasty things about my little sister's art-- she's fabulous, and so is this card.

    ♥~ Linda