Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seven weeks: Gifts from the gardening gods

Any of you who have traveled to northern Nevada are probably aware that this region is a bit arid.

A cold glass of iced tea does not need to sit on a coaster. There is no condensation. We measure humidity in negative numbers.

Yet, watering our garden for 20 minutes only three days a week is thus far resulting in happy corn, onions, potatoes and herbs.

The corn is now nearly two feet tall and we're already discussing how we'll know for sure when it's time to dig up the potatoes.

So, we might be jinxing ourselves, but who cares? Let's plan a barbecue now! Corn on the cob! Roasted potatoes and onions! Cucumber salad with homegrown dill! Vases of lavender on the table!

Is anyone else getting hungry?


  1. I just harvested a few green beans today. I will eat them tomorrow. :-D
    enjoy yours!

  2. Why yes, I AM getting hungry reading about your garden. It's looking GOOD, girlfriend!

    Meanwhile, I've eaten exactly seven tiny strawberries from my patch. I don't know for sure whether they're not growing or the squirrels are simply feasting on them when I'm not looking, but it's safe to say there will be no strawberry shortcake this year. The basil is happy, though, so there will at least be pesto.

    Keep up the great work, Farmer CB!