Friday, June 18, 2010

Water stamping: A Studio L3 Compendium challenge

Readers here who've perused my blog know that we have a sort of problem which makes us unable to properly follow instructions. Especially with recipes for food, but now apparently with recipes for ink to paper techniques as well.

You'd think then that I'd know better than to participate in Linda's Studio L3 Compendium challenge.

For instance, when our Mr. Holtz clearly states in his Compendium of Curiosities "...apply in a circular motion," follow his instructions. Or, at least don't be upset when your own "dragging motion" inking looks more like a blurry super graphic from 1976.

Next, when the instructions point out that the technique works best with "...bold, deep colors," do not choose, as your very first ever Distress Ink, two tones of brown. BROWN.

Still, friend Tim does repeatedly tell us to believe in the artist within ... even if that artist seems less like Picasso and more like Sally from Mrs. Smith's second grade class.

So, the creation you see alongside this post is done with Crushed Olive and Wild Honey on a four-inch square. The water stamping is courtesy a Stampin' Up wheel named ... something I don't remember.

You'll see more of this technique from me in the future. It's very, very cool.

What's not really very cool at all are my photography skills which resulted in this overexposed photo: At least the watery image shows up nicely.

The pressed embossing is from a Cuddlebug Asian folder, appropriately sanded, and the nameplate, sans text, is Grungeboard.

The plate is coated with more of the Crushed Olive ink, then lightly dipped into a smear of Dimensional Pearls Lettuce.

I have to mention that I love this particular creation as it reminds me of my grandmother: For many years she had a HUGE crushed velvet couch in those fabulous 1970s colors of harvest gold and avocado green with "reverse embossed" flowers.

My god. It was awful. And I loved it. Perhaps it is her fault that I am drawn to absolutely hideous furniture.


  1. CB, you ROCKED it! Your water stamping looks great, and the card is gorgeous. Should have known better? Ha! Your art always looks amazing.

    You know what? My MOM had furniture in those exact color. Crushed velvet, too. Loved them and wish I had them now because that would be so utterly vintage cool.

    I couldn't have this big Compendium party if you weren't playing along, you know. It just wouldn't feel right! :)


  2. LOLOLOL, love your post today ... and your fabulous water-stamping card--so there!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I know what you mean about the directions thing! When I went to do my "water stamping," All I saw was Distress Inks (not embossing ink)! Love you card!

  4. Love it! I hate being "told" what to do, directions and I do not mix well most of the time! LOL Have a great day and talk to ya soon! :)

  5. don't know what you're complaining about, but this piece is gorgeous. I love that yellow square and it sits beautifully on the Asian bundle "Oriental Weave" background.
    Of course if you were trying to copy something from an image I'm not seeing, and it doesn't look like the image - Ahhh that's a different story. BIG GRIN

    PS you wanted to know about my cattails.
    No they were not on a cartridge and they were not part of SCAL. I found the image on the net, manipulated it to suit my needs (added a couple tails, thickened some, elongated etc etc.). Then used trace image into SCAL. Hope this helps.