Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger glitches, power outages and weekends

Hello friends! As you'll easily note from prior posts today we here at the CuddlyBunny craft machine did manage to get a couple of projects posted.

Unfortunately since then we've had hurricane winds at our house (My Guy called dibs on flying monkeys ... I'm all about the lollipop guild and horse of many colors).

Anyhow, earlier this week I tried to blog and visit friends' blogs. Alas Blogger was having difficulties and my intentions were naught.

Now the power ... it went out about 10 minutes after my prior post ... and twice since then.

So, in an effort to not become so angry that I kick a hole in my monitor, I'm signing off for the weekend.

This means that you, my friends, fellow bloggers and artistic compatriots won't see me visiting for several days as the early part of the week is always busy for me at work.


No kidding ... in the middle of this ... no freakin' power ...

... blogger, despite it's issues earlier this week ... saved what I'd been writing ...

... but it's stressing me out and ruining my two days off I'm outta here until Monday. I'm not even going to try.

Hugs, love and wishes for clear, sunny days filled with fun and joy ...


  1. Yes! bring on those sunny days filled with fun and joy....

  2. stay safe . . . see you back soon

  3. That photo is awesome. take care. Yvonne x

  4. Bummer for you, we'll be here when you get back. XOXO Zoe

  5. I have not been blogging! Stopped by to say, "Hello," and looks like you have had some nasty old and mean weather. We had 85 degrees the other day and then it dropped 20 degrees, but added rain today and wind! Don't you just hate the wind??? Catch you during the week my friend!

  6. Best wishes for better weather and stable power. Those high winds must be all over the west; my dad in ABQ said they have dry winds of about 40mph with gust of 50 almost every day. He said it's really throwing off his golf game, LOL! That's serious! ;-)

  7. Hahaha, my challenge word to post my comment was "rotel" and I'm thinking it might be time to make some queso dip. . . Gotta love the Rotel!

  8. Stay safe sweet friend and hope it all dies down soon. Annette x