Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vegas Wedding: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

We have a very special challenge this week, to honor our own Drunken Stampers co-founder Spike and her soon to be husband, Jeffrey!

We're going to a Vegas Wedding! Or at least our founders Peg and Spike are going to a Vegas Wedding, in Las Vegas, the rest of us are going in our imagination!

My piece is backed with Vegas-inspired Die Cuts With a View stock and mirror embellishments since Vegas is the City of Lights: OK, I know Paris is the City of Lights, but if you've been to Vegas ... alright, let's at least call it the City of Shimmer.

Everything in Vegas has a shiny reflection, I swear. That's probably why people go there and lose everything ... they think they're giving away money to a happy, shiny version of themselves. Or it's the alcohol.

Anyhow, Spike's dress isn't a Kimono, but I understand that it will be a black with red flower Chinese style beauty, so my Kimono is meant to convey that element.

Finally, we've got a simple "Love" badge with more glimmery bits!

How do you imagine Spike and Jeffrey's Vegas Wedding? Create your own vision of this important event, then join us at Drunken Stampers for toast to the happily-inebriated couple before midnight May 27, 2011.

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