Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A new dimension: Grungy Monday

Few things are better than a project that comes together just the way you’d hoped.

This one started awhile ago, but it was brought to fruition by Linda at Studio L3. Or, by the Studio L3 Grungy Monday Tim Holtz technique of the week: Tim's video challenge originally featured in May 2008.

So, awhile back I found the Carousel Cricut cartridge that is packed with a fantastic font, but also some images that I was sure would be perfect for Holtz projects.

After all, what in the world is better to grunge up than a circus? What is more steampunky odd than a bear in a tutu? Perhaps it’s a monkey with an umbrella, which is awesome, because both images are on the Carousel cartridge!

Past Holtz technique-based projects of mine have featured Cricut cuts, but very few. Cricut just isn’t a grungy-ready source. It’s more, ahm, cute and cuddly. Unfortunately this means that Cricut isn’t exactly Octopode friendly, either.

What? You don’t know Octopode? Shame on you for not reading my entire posts with the attention they deserve!

Owned by Lily Chilvers, Octopode is home to a slew of fantastically steampunky creatures. Some are based on fairy tale characters while others are based on … Lily’s imagination (and whew, her imagination has definitely maintained a sense of wonder).

Anyhow, Octopodes are currently my favorite people. They’re charming and cute and cuddly and very What The Hell. I love them, and have known they also would be so fun with the methods and ideas that Tim Holtz shares on his blog.

Yet, my past is full of Cricut, Octopode, Holtz failures that were tossed aside with the incredibly frustrating knowledge that it wasn’t the techniques, products or stamps … it was my lack of artistic ability.

Until I found the carousel cartridge, the Octopode Whimsical Circus and Tim’s new dimension technique.

One shuffling of some mini tarot cards and tada! A grungy circus with Octopode’s Fortune Telling Nellie, Cricuts circus tent and Tim’s outstanding inks, glitters, text stickers and found object idea.

Yessir ... it all came together just the way I'd hoped ... in only a few days, weeks and months of prior attempts.


  1. I promise I will check out Octopode and read your tarot cards too. I really like the look of Nellie and the carousel.The polka dots are the perfect background for your Circus. I think you have a ton of talent. I love seeing what you create. I am having a hard time getting my GM piece together. It is a good thing Linda gave us lots of time. Later..Donna

  2. tracy only you can make these work the way they do..great art..tfs..loves ya

  3. best not try to read your cards there LOL great merging of styles here love it! XOXO Zoe

  4. A great piece, not sure if I'd like her to tell my fortune, its a fantastic image. I have a couple of these stamps, will have to use them me thinks.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Very Steampunky. Love the funky image of the tarot card reader! Nice 3rd eye, lol. Seriously, very cool.

  6. This is pretty darn cool, love the eyeball in the turban...lol....

  7. You make me want to go and get a Cricut! No, I can't! Too much stuff already! The image is just so awesome with the third eye! No doubt she can read cards with perfection! You even added the flags. Amazing details and this is just so grungy cute! I have not even read Linda's post, but great we have the extra week!

    Have a wonderful day and Happy Cinco De Mayo!

  8. Bravo! clap clap clap! Wonderfully creative Tracy, Love the third eye! LOL
    hugs Lynn

  9. This card is adorable!

    I wish you a happy rest of this week and a fun upcoming weekend.

  10. This is almost enough to make me want a Cricut. . . not! I love what you have done with the cuts, this is AWESOME! You ought to email it to Lily with a link, because who knows, she might feature it on her blog! Love the way you have two of the tarot cards reversed, like our seer really is doing a reading! Tres chic!

  11. Fabulous, Tracy! Got to drag out that cart because of course I've got the whole circus set from Octopode. She's my absolute FAVE! this is perfect! xxD

  12. Hey, I did not see your tag at Studio L3, but glad I found it. Man I just love the stuff you make, it's way cool and super fun. Thanks for all the nice comments you've left me.

  13. Your stuff I way too awesome. What you do with Octopodes rocks.

  14. i love this... i love circus themes! hey i can feel a circus theme coming on!