Saturday, May 14, 2011

By the numbers: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

The problems with Blogger throughout the week left me wondering if this post would ever happen.

Luckily, the ol' system seems to be somewhat less glitchy and we're back again for another Drunken Stampers Challenge. This week it's all about the numbers!

My card is a return to the cute side of things for me since it's for a three-year-old's birthday. I just don't think she'd care about having one of my odd Holtz, bug-eyed, smarty-pants sentiment pieces.

So, I turned to Bugaboo. As you've seen here before, I'm enamored of the big hair, big chested girls at Bugaboo because they easily transform into fun, envelope mailable cards for my girlfriends, coworkers, sister and mom.

But the childlike images at Bugaboo are wonderful, too! Just look at this cards' butterfly bear with the three-scoop cone! Isn't he the perfect friend for a little girl who loves rocks and birds and colorful things?

He's standing in front of a menagerie of threes provided by Cricut, and is mounted on a pedestal card so it doubles as a toy for a toddler (or something to tear apart because that's awfully fun, too).

That's it from me today since I'm honestly a little worried that Blogger is going to accidentally KERZAP! this post ... I won't feel as annoyed if I didn't spend an hour writing.

Get on over to Drunken Stampers, then, and show us your lucky number, favorite number or just any number that fits your preferred theme!


  1. A really cute card, great colours. Annette x

  2. Love your card, the image is real cute. Yvonne x

  3. Wonderful card. The ice- cream gets them every time..Donna

  4. aww..what a what you did with this challenge as always..tfs..loves ya