Saturday, May 28, 2011

Magic: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

Once upon a time there was a wildflower garden at the edge of a forest grove.

Despite being shaded round the clock by giant fir trees and chilled day and night by alpine breezes, the flowers there were the prettiest, most aromatic blooms in all the land.

No one knew how this was possible until the day a little girl named Ruby arrived in the nearby village with an amazing story.

She had been playing with a bear cub, chasing him farther and farther into the forest, when suddenly she realized that she was lost. That would have been amazing enough, but this is a fairy tale and so all children play with wild animal babies.

Ruby happened upon the wildflower garden and, trying to ease her fears, began to speak gently to the flowers. She told them stories from her life, made up tales for them and asked the flowers questions about their own lives.

Pleased that someone had at long last asked the flowers to tell their own stories, the Flower Garden Fairy Lavender revealed herself to Ruby.

Lavender told Ruby about life as a fairy. Ruby learned that Lavender used her magic flower wand to give comfort and strength to the flowers, making them tall and strong and beautiful although they live in shade and cold. In return the flowers stood above her, protecting her home built of leaves and petals.

Listening to Lavender describe her wonderful, safe home beneath the wildflowers, Ruby became sad and told her new friend that wished she was back home. She wanted to see her parents and cuddle with her puppy.

“Oh dear friend Ruby, I can help you!” Lavender exclaimed happily. “Flower Garden Fairy magic works on little girls, too, because they are as beautiful and special as each of these flowers surrounding us!”

So Lavender waved her glittering wand, sprinkling Ruby with shimmering dust that sent her back to her village.

Just in time for her to create a magical piece of art for this week’s Drunken Stampers challenge: Magic!


  1. LOL love the flowers gorgeous vibrant colours. Love the story even more! I want to live in your world. XOXO Zoe

  2. LOL, great story. Fabby flower. Annette x

  3. You always amaze me with your art and your stories. You should seriously think about writing! Love your gorgeous wildflowers! Have a great weekend and hopefully you have an extra day off!

  4. ooo you made me smile and brought out the child in me..beautiful art. beautiful, fairytale..and beautiful you..tfs..loves ya

  5. Cool story! And your flowers are WAY cool!

  6. Wonderful story and an amazing flower. And like Terry I also think you have a writing gift. Thank you for caring..Hugs..Donna

  7. What a charming story and beautiful flower fairy wand. I really love this! xxD

  8. Such a fantastic flower, wonderful colors.