Saturday, May 7, 2011

Playing card: A Drunken Stampers Challenge

Lots of you made us giggle and nod our heads in agreement with last week's Drunken Stampers Say it Like it is challenge pieces.

So we know that you'll easily be able to create something amazing using a playing card, thus meeting this week's challenge requirement.

Obviously I couldn't do it, because while I live in Reno, Nevada, I never go to a casino, gamble or even play any card games at home. My Guy does have a deck of Lego Pirate playing cards, but if you think he's giving me one of those, you must also believe penguins live at the North Pole.

As things are penguins populate the Southern hemisphere chilly spots and playing cards do not reside at my house: So I styled one myself!

And, don't you think it's groovy? I know! It is. Except, if I'd printed my Octopode Queen of Hearts* only a wee bit larger she'd fill up additional "character" space and look even more 3D!

Still, by adhering her base behind the playing card frame, and popping her head in front of the frame, well in person folks she almost jumps off of the page!

OK, so dig out your beat up deck of playing cards, blow off the dust and run over to Drunken Stampers to show us what you can do before midnight, Friday, May 13 (ouu! Friday the 13th!).


  1. So funky bet you had a hoot putting this one together. XOXO Zoe

  2. hahahaha too funny and no playing cards in Reno?
    Will have to do something about that!!!
    Hugs Lynn

  3. LOL at the Pirate playing cards.........that is so cool.
    Love your card design and the great image. Have a lovely weekend my friend. Annette x

  4. So far as gambling is Nevada goes, I agree if you don't play you are already a WINNER!!!! I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago and didn't lose a cent, LOL! LOVE your Octopode Queen of Hearts, and I agree the method of framing confirms your genius! :-)

  5. Your Queen of Hearts is a winner, can imagine what a whole deck would look like showings these images. Yvonne x

  6. Way cool, but she kind of freaks me out. lol. I think it's the baldish head and big frog eyes. Kind of reminds me of the queen in Alice in Wonderland. But it is a very creative piece, well done!

  7. Adorable, Tracy! You know how I love me some Octopode! Congrats on the guest DT Spot at the Altered Alice. WooHoo! xxD

  8. Too adorable is your little queen! No casinos and no just throwing away good money?? We got married in Vegas and my DH is/was very cheap, not with me, with himself! We got to Vegas and he was a money blowing fool of an animal! Good thing I was winning! He would come over to me for money!!! We only allowed ourselves a certain amount to blow! Have a great Sunday!

  9. tracy this is amazing!!! i wouldn't even know where to begin doing, funky, steampunk?, ..well anything like always do it so must challenge myself sometime..tfs..loves ya

  10. Love your queen!
    I think where you live must have its own special beauty. We had rain at last and it makes such a difference. It smells wonderful afterwards. You mentioned the desert...I would like to know more.
    Sue xx

  11. Your Queen of hearts looks fabulous.