Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mark of the Beast: Haunted Design House

The onset of Macabre Monday at Haunted Design House is apparently a very, very scary thing for me since it frequently leaves me unable to create a really good piece of art ... in fact the only decent Macabre pieces I've had were because of the beautiful digi stamps I've purchased from sponsors of these challenges.

In an effort to just move on though, I'm showing you the P.O.S. I finally came up with for this week's challenge. Can you believe it's the best I could do this time 'round?

Me neither.

And considering my personality, well, wouldn't you also think that I'd pull off a Mark of the Beast challenge as easily as I throw out a sarcastic remark? Must be all of that three of six sixes or something that sounds a lot like math that's confusing my creative abilities.

Next week expect me to submit a much better piece. Rumor has it that my horrific showing this week for Macabre Monday has given me a fantastic idea for next week's challenge.

Still. It would be best if you could light a black candle for me, and burn some sage or incense or something. Surely I'll need the help ...


  1. Spiders, my, they have me running out of the room.Its a super piece and I enjoyed reading your post. Yvonne x

  2. Stop being so hard on yourself! Think of all of those arachnaphobes you have freaked out tehehe x

  3. You're being WAY too hard on yourself, your sentiment is so perfectly sinister that it adds an extra aura of macabre to the whole thing. I can just hear it being said in a very polite and totally chilling voice, and you would just know that untold horrors await :)
    Don't forget you also get to choose any item from my shop for free just for entering HDH this week, so if there's something you'd like just email me ( and let me know what it is :)

  4. Spiders freak me out, so would say this was pretty much macabre and so like the Black Widows.....eeeeeeek, Annette x

  5. What a great P.O.S.! Are you kidding me or what? This is just so cool and I love the spiders and webbing! I think the day we meet, we will just look at each other and laugh our asses off!