Sunday, February 7, 2010

Citrus cookies

Plans for our weekend included baking one batch each of orange, lime and lemon cookies based on Martha's Glazed Lemon Cookie recipe.

A problem arose however when Yours Truly decided to build a blog. Unfortunately even this simple bit of the web consumed a lot of time, so I only managed to finish a batch of lime cookies.

We've already given them a taste and Oh Boy!

They taste like summer! Bright and tangy and delicious. You have to try them! You'll need about five limes, otherwise all of the other ingredients are very basic (sugar, flour, baking soda).

I'll let you know how the orange and then the lemon work out. In the meantime you don't have to point out that the cookie in the photo looks like biscuits and gravy left out too long.

They're delicious lime cookies. I promise.


  1. My daughter adores all citrus, so this sounds like something she'd love! Did you just replace the lemon with lime in Martha's recipe?

  2. Hi Wendy! Yes, replace the lemon with lime. DELICIOUS!