Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pink is the new black

Pink has always been my favorite color. The pink phones, pink computers, pink purses, pink hand held game systems, pink MP3 players ... they're aimed directly at me.

Black is another wonderful color, as are brown and orange and turquoise and green and red and lavender and yellow and teal and silver and all the colors that Crayola puts in the Big Box.

Still, it's pink that turns my head and litters my life (and the life of My Guy).

This means that no one should be surprised at how much this tiny pink decorative tree pleases me. Especially with these St. Patrick's Day decorations. Because it seems that pink is the perfect color to highlight these green shamrocks and smiling Leprechaun.

The tree looked awesome with hot- and light-pink ornaments for Valentine's Day and come Springtime and Easter... WOOHOO! Can you imagine this tree covered little white Easter bunnies or multi-colored flowers for May Day?

So exciting!

Pleases me, too, realizing that all of these years it isn't pink that looks good with black and chocolate brown ... it's those colors that look better with PINK!

Now to find out what my pink-hating friends and co-workers have to say ...

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