Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Once Upon a Time

This is my entry for the Drunken Stampers' challenge. It's also my second card for this week's challenge -- A Valentine's Day card for your sweetie -- because the first one was yet another of my good ideas gone to hell.

I very much like this second card, but it does have one problem which I'll explain in a minute.

Since this week's challenge has a special added requirement of "metal" I thought I'd steal away DS's OK to use aluminum foil. After all I have some of that, do not have any other metal embellishments and I like to use stuff that kind of doesn't belong.

My first card, my poor, poor first card was a giant set of lips, set against a foil background with striped, glittered card stock showing through "Sealed with a Kiss" cut into the card front. Can you imagine it?

I liked it up to the exact freakin' moment I saw it on my monitor as a photo ... what in the name of ... that thing is UGLY. And ... what does it SAY? I couldn't read the words. Not to mention that my particular use of foil turned out looking so unprofessional ... I really should have gone right ahead and made the remainder of the card out of construction paper (a lovely product, but not ideal for a nice-looking card).

I was going to submit it anyway ... who has time to make multiple entries? As it turns out, I do. Because that thing is too ugly to show to anyone (except My Guy ... he gets to see all of my good ideas that end up spinning in toilet water).

This card, my much better looking submission is the lucky result of being willing to start again. It's also the result of using a 60-percent-off coupon at Michael's ... which means I GOT TO BUY ANOTHER GADGET! I'm the proud owner of a cute little Cuttlebug. Yay!

See the neat swirl in the text and the red heart? That's from the Cuttlebug. Why yes, those who are wondering, since getting the Cuttlebug home a few hours ago I've made swirly shiny paper and swirly blue paper and swirly foil and swirly ...

Oh, as for that problem I mentioned, the one I have with THIS card: That key is no cheap embellishment from the handicraft aisle at the local Dollar Tree.

It actually opens one of my antique padlocks, so this card is on the scrap pile after Sunday.

See? I use whatever stuff I can find.

p.s. don't worry about My Guy's card getting tossed I made his REAL card awhile back ... it's much less tasteful ... juvenile might be a better description ... I'll post it after I give it to him ...


  1. Wahooooo!! The card looks fantastic and just love the key, dual use and it's a great way to hide it tho! You are too funny girl! Love it! Thanks for playing with us Drunken Stampers this week! Keep 'em coming! ;)



  2. Love it! Can't wait to see your card for DH too! Have a great week and thanks for playing along with us at the Drunken Stampers!