Monday, February 8, 2010

Inside clothes. Outside clothes. A lesson.

PajamaJeans? Seriously?

A woman in New York, I believe, has invented PajamaJeans. If you haven't seen them already don't waste your time.

They're described by some news outlets (is this news?) as pajamas that look like jeans.

But, you know, why don't you just wear jeans? And when you're home ... jammie pants (mine are jammie pants).

Growing up my parents always dressed nicely when going anywhere but the back yard. Really nicely. So nicely that I'm sure today they are less than impressed with my, and my sister's, proclivity for t-shirts, jeans and jackets.

Still, this means I stand a bit to the side of actually being aware of and caring about outside/inside clothes. There's a damn difference, people.

Furry purple slippers and Helly Kitty-printed lounge pants. Inside.

Linen slacks and knee-high boots. Outside.

Still I went to see these inside Pajamas that no one would know were inside Pajamas so you could show off your fine fake Jeans outside.

Turns out there's two problems or one depending on how you look at it ...

These "Jeans" are a terrible shape for almost every woman. These "Pajamas" are too tight to actually be cozy.

Come on, people. Everyone knows that the only time you get a hall pass for wearing inside clothes out is on laundry day. And you better be carrying an enormous jug of detergent.

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