Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love tree topper

Occasionally I find things that are so completely, god-awfully awesome I have to own them. One is a Hello Kitty pink pre-lit mini Christmas tree.

In the future when I've got a good pic I'll post a better photo of the tree, but this topper is the story right now.

I decided to put up Valentine's Day decor on my office desk ... that's when I remembered this great tree that was stuffed in a hidden corner of the house ... and then realized this banner heart needed to adorn the top of the tree.

I used the Cricut Love Struck cartridge to create the dual-color heart banner and Storybook for the LOVE text. The heart banner is actually three layers with an invisible back layer in which I cut two slots for ribbon.

The ribbon, which you can see a bit of here, holds the heart on the tree.

Perhaps next week I'll get that full pic of the entire tree and V-Day decor ... honestly it makes me giggle every time I get to work ... all of that pink ... Pepto exploded on my desk!

1 comment:

  1. That sound freekin hilarious!! Would love to see pics of that pink tree!! Sounds like something I'd pick up too! LOL