Sunday, February 14, 2010

A geek's Valentine's Day

You must know the Simpson's episode in which Lisa Simpson gives a Valentine to Ralph ... "I choo, choo choose you."

Of course this causes Ralph to believe that he and Lisa are a couple and forces Lisa to tell poor Ralph ... well, it's just one of the saddest moments in all of Simpson-dom.

Luckily it also resulted in one of pop culture's most absolutely awesome Valentine's Day cards.

Several places on the net have available a printable version of the original card ... but today ... today My Guy is the proud recipient of a handmade pedestal-style Choo Choo Valentine (at least I THINK he's proud -- he might only be embarrassed).

My design uses the Cricut Everyday Paper Doll and Hello Kitty Greetings (cloud) cartridges. The card stock is textured DCWV and the conductor's face is from Peachy Keen Stamps (though I hope no one judges the stamp's quality by my somewhat inept use).

I've shown off the pedestal design before, click on the "paper" label on the right sidebar to see more, and can not recommend enough that you try this method.

But please don't ask for instructions for THIS card. I completely altered the measurements to make everything fit and will admit that this card only stands on its own through several minutes of careful balancing.

The payoff is that I got to give My Guy a Valentine that elicited a laugh instead of a probably insincere "Awwww" (it's not rude, he just isn't an Awwww kind of guy, unless he's being a smarty pants).

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