Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mardi Gras!

Woohoo! Making a Mardi Gras card was a GREAT time! The challengers over at Drunken Stampers started things by giving us an awesome photo for inspiration.

And then I got to spend a week remembering the fantastic time I had there with my best friend, mom and other people for a bridal shower.

All of this led to the design of my card -- including the central character -- our dear friend from the inspiration photo.

First, she's sporting a bit of Glossy Accent to ensure her lips and eyes are as bright and brilliant as I'm sure all of ours were while enjoying cocktails in the French Quarter. Her outfit, barely held together with a single golden button (actually sewn on, to be sure it's secure), beautifully matches her beads and shoes.

The shoes, of course, are again reminiscent of our own trip there -- who the hell wears high heels with rhinestones on the uneven, alcohol-filled streets of New Orleans? A bunch of girls from Nevada, that's who.

Our classy gal has a flower in her hair, to remind us of the beautiful Garden District and is carrying an umbrella with a bit of ribbon because, well, it's a semi approximation of the souvenir and tattoo my mom brought home from Louisiana.

Finally, there's no reason to stand around on a plain old backdrop when you can lean against a giant liquor-filled Hurricane glass complete with glittery lines of condensation (or dribbles, depending on how late in the night it is).


  1. Okay, I completely love her! This card is the perfect combo of cute and subversively drunken, and she's PERFECT! (BTW,this girl from Idaho would also be wearing rhinestoned heels in NOLA, given the opportunity).

    You rock!

  2. Sweet! And what bling :) Love your take on this challenge!

  3. What a fun card, I love it and the story to go along with it! Very Drunken Stamper! LOL Thanks for playing along with us Drunken stampers!

  4. lol..perfect!!! so cute..tfs..loves ya