Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Tease

This happens every year in Reno. In fact, it’s the only reliable weather-related event in our area: The Spring Tease.

Every year Renoites sigh with relief with the first series of days that reveal cloudless, deep blue skies. We open windows and turn off heaters.

We move chairs from the shed to the deck and pack away bags of snow melt.

We begin to smile and think of tomatoes and herbs and flowers. The tulips and daffodils and crocus know, too. They also begin reaching up to the sky.

Birds are less frequently at the feeders – they’re building nests and discovering delicious nibbles on the bushes and errant weeds.

But, we wonder: Is this real, or is it only the Spring Tease?

We know, those of us who have lived her for a few years, but we hope anyway.

Despite the breeze that seems cooler than on the previous day.

Despite the weatherman … the incessant and mean weatherman threatening us, “It’s not going to last.”

Finally, we give in a little and turn the heaters to 60 F … only to make sure pipes can’t freeze, though. Really, it's Spring, people.

Tomorrow we'll still put some coals on and barbecue wings. We'll still clean the fountain and fill it with water.

Sure, sure we'll do those things. Right after shoveling  the sidewalk and calling the boss to let her know we'll have to work from home because the driveway is blocked by a snow drift.

That's OK, too though. The boss is stuck in San Francisco ... she won't be back through the mountain pass until Tuesday.

I'm so glad Spring is here!

p.s. if you click on the bird feeder photo so that it enlarges, you can spy the one wild bird who decided the possibility of something to eat beat out the fear of The Woman With Camera.

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  1. Wow, you guys got seriously dumped on! Up here in Boise, we haven't seen snow for weeks. It's weird. Makes me wonder what's looming...

    Great photo of the brave little bird!