Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wisdom of the Moon

Alright, I'll admit that the world of blogging still seems more than a bit odd to me. I'm impressed at how people share so much of themselves that it's easy to figure out which people you'd probably want as neighbors and who, well, you don't want to WISH bad on anyone, do you?

One of the Bloggers who I would happily live next door to is the writer and creator of Wisdom of the Moon.

I found her blog when I was searching for a pattern to create a reusable grocery bag. I'm a very low-skilled seamstress, on top of which I have a hard time comprehending what the hell I'm reading when it comes to instructions (no small wonder, then that I learn virtually everything by trial and error).

I need a LOT of photos and fairly detailed, step-by-step instructions. So, when I found her fabric grocery bag post I knew I had found a pattern to try.

As it turned out, I didn't try it immediately. First I saved it to my bookmarked sites for the day I had time to sew and looked around the remainder of her blog.

Between that first click and today we've enjoyed her Margarita Jello Shots and her homemade Granola. I've also discovered that knowing how to take a low-light photo is pretty much lost on me -- I really think I just prefer overexposed photos (read shiny!).

I finally got to make her grocery bags at Christmas -- as "Santa Bags" for my nieces. And I was correct, the grocery bag pattern linked above is EASY to follow and results in a wonderfully simple and usable item.

Now, if you're wondering why I'm posting this, it's for two reasons: First, my next post is about another project I stole from Wisdom of the Moon and, as almost everyone who knows me is aware, I prefer to support start-ups and locally-owned, non-chain businesses.

Wisdom of the Moon fits all of these criteria AND if you're looking for crafting ideas in a range of disciplines, this is a completely awesome place to go without spending a dime on subscription costs or destroying trees for printed materials.

I suspect if I did live next door to Wisdom of the Moon I'd be chided for my lack of responsible composting ... but I'm trying and learning as I go, I promise.

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