Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let's get started!

Hello everyone! I've finally started a blog! I hope that this will eventually become a central meeting place for all of us to discuss the projects on which we're working.

I'll be making an effort to ensure we don't use this blog as a place to discuss the "not when we're drinking" topics -- you know the ones. They're the subjects such as politics and religion that can be dangerous after a beer and simply annoying when trying to have a bit of fun playing with paper or yarn or dirt or a new recipe.

In case you missed it, the previous sentence also describes our main topics: Paper crafting, recipes and food, sewing and fabrics and gardening. However, in case you're not a family member or old friend, you should be prepared to see everything from car care to woodworking, from metalworking to recycling and who knows what else -- My Guy and I are not especially skilled at limiting our focus.

Alright *nervous sigh* I guess we're ready to go ... oh, except for one last thing ... in this initial post I'm trying to describe an overall direction and blog outline. In the future please expect a lot less seriousness, proper grammar and correctly-employed punctuation.


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