Monday, July 26, 2010

Christmas book favorites and page photos

Hello again everybody! You might remember that I posted an item about a 12 Days of Christmas book project.

The project class was the brainchild of Wendy at Scrapper's Paradise in Reno.

Originally I'd noted that we wouldn't be posting much about the book, especially photos (after all, the idea wasn't mine).

However, a couple of readers here at Not a Moment to Spare pointed out that they don't live in overheated Reno and therefore couldn't go to the shop to see the book for themselves. Tiny blog world. I keep forgetting.

So, for all of you non-Renoites, I've included on this page a few photos and notes to show a couple of things that My Guy and I were really excited to learn about and photos of the entire book after the jump.

  • First, and I know I've sort of heard of this kind of thing before, but until Wendy showed us how, it just didn't make sense: Multi-layer, same-cut flowers. Basically, cut three flowers from different papers. Curl the pedals in different directions using your thumb nail. Combine with a brad. Tada! Flower!

  • Next, using a three-bead pin make a snowman: Dot the middle bead for the coat buttons, two eyes and a mouth on the top button and a little yarn tied on for a scarf. I hope everyone likes this snowman, because I'm going to find a way to force one into the home of everyone I know. They're that freakin' cute.

  • Make your own pockets for gift cards or small photos. Cut a piece of card stock roughly three quarters of an inch larger than another piece of rectangular card stock. Adhere the larger piece to your project, by gluing only one quarter of an inch around the two long ends and one of the short ends. Add a hand- or pre-cut tab to the smaller card stock piece, which can then be slid into into the "pocket."

Whew, fun stuff, huh? We actually picked up a few other "Duh" sorts of things such as simply poking a pin through a piece of paper to apply a brad rather than hunting like a banshee for the *&^%$ appropriately-sized hole puncher and inking distressed paper edges for added shadow effect.

See? Now that's exactly why I didn't want to post all of this. I want you guys to keep on thinking I'm a mix of Picasso and Einstein and Buddha. Because, that's what you were thinking of me. Right?

The book is designed to be a sort of 12 Days of Christmas advent calendar. However, this still superb 7Gypsies book only comes with 7 pages, so the inside front and inside back covers also have added pockets for a total of 12 pockets to open!


  1. How fun and how awesome! You are just too funny! I love it! We get plenty of heat here!!

  2. This is fab, love it. Annette x

  3. What gorgeous album, you have put loads of work into it!
    About your question - I bought those snowflake charms on Ebay, they came in a bulk unfortunatey so I have LOADS, LOL