Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Filmstrips show off the "perfect" photos

About two months ago I entered an I Love Summer challenge over at She's a Sassy Lady (you can see my original post here).

I won the challenge, and Sheila was nice enough to send the prize to my sister (Love Struck cartridge -- HOW COOL!).

Anyhow, I'd never expected to win, nor had I expected to find so many other awesome creations that I would be forced to borrow.

One of those creations, from Sherri at Sherri's Place was a scrapbook page using print film imagery.

I told her that I was going to borrow her idea, and I have!

Spring 2009 found me at my parents' house along with My Guy, my sister and her family and some really great natural lighting.

I spent several hours of one afternoon shooting hundreds of digital photos of my nieces playing in the dirt and pond and stream.

They found a snail that we held captive for awhile, and plucked long-stemmed tulips for Nana. They laughed and grumbled and argued and danced.

Tons of these photos ended up being less than perfect, but perfectly fun. I used Sherri's print film die cut idea to highlight the fun pics (appropriately blurred for public consumption, so I apologize for the creepy "They're Here" quality).

Thanks, Sherri, for your fabulous idea!


  1. Congratulations and this is stunning, love it. Annette x

  2. Oh man, I just choked on my salad when I gasped in awe at this cool layout! TOTALLY love those filmstrip pieces-- you made such a great design, CB!

  3. This is soooooo did a fabulous job!!!!! Thank you so much for letting me know about it, I just love the film strip, and the paper you choose to use, Great LO and thanks for the giving me a shout out ;)

  4. Congratulations. Very nice page! :) Thanks for dropping by my page. Have a great weekend. :)