Friday, July 9, 2010

Shabby Chic: A Studio L3 Compendium challenge

Today's post: A label from a vintage box of Sunflower brand licorice is brought to you by the Studio L3 Compendium challenge.

This finished piece is a bit of fun, but I'll admit that Mr. Holtzs' Shabby Chic technique doesn't thrill me. The finished items, at least those I've seen from everyone else, seem very chic and interesting.

Of course, there have been a few difficulties on my creation. It seems many of you also had my first problem: I just couldn't get it to work.

Finally I got the concept to work, more or less, and realized that I really, really like embossed images. A lot.

Covering them in goo and gunk therefore removing much of the shine factor ... yuck.

As mentioned, though I ended up liking this card, so I bet you find me working with this technique again (practice makes perfect, right?).

Make sure you stop by Linda's blog to join in this week's challenge and again on Monday to find out about challenge five.


  1. I like this piece those stamps!

  2. Well I am really loving your challenge piece! Love that sunflower! It was fun to work with a different technique as I have never used the daubers.

  3. you are really working it my friend. love it!

  4. I think your card came out beautifully. I love those stamps! My only problem was not waiting long enough for the last step...that made all the difference.

  5. Hi, i'm with you this is not my favourite technique but its gotta be done if we are to complete all the weeks of Linda's great challenge. I love your image never seen one like it very special & hay you worked the technique producing a wonderfully aged and interesting looking piece. xx Zoe

    ps hope we both enjoy the next one more LOL

  6. Painful as it was, your card turned out great, and it looks to me like you totally aced the Shabby Chic process! Just think of it as another tool, something to whip out when you need a distressed, antique-y look.

    I'm very glad you persevered, by the way. :-)


  7. Wow I love this, worth all the effort my friend. Annette x

  8. Beautiful I love it, well worth all your effort. The image works great with this technique and really pops out. Have a lovely evening, Tracy Evans x

  9. I really like the simplicity of this piece and the mono-chromatic color scheme. Thanks for stopping by my blog too!