Saturday, July 3, 2010

Who's a Designated Stamper?

Thanks to founders Peggy and Spike and official designer Linda, I'm now a Designated Stamper!

Not that I wasn't before, but now I get to carry a license or certificate or something that makes it completely legal to handle stamps and ink and sharp tools while enjoying a pint or cocktail.

Until now I've been in training. Now I'm a professional Drunken, I mean, Designated Stamper!

So, on to this week's challenge, which I hope you'll join: Use a summer or vacation theme!

As you might know from my previous summer-related post, summer is not my favorite season. However, I do love barbecue and, since childhood, have adored sleeping under the stars.

My card for the week then, is a mix of Color Box and Martha Stewart inks, sponged onto white gloss card stock over stars stamped with silver Adirondack Dabber.

I water washed the entire thing to soften the pink and blue, then added a moon sticker on a pop-up acryclic.

The sentiment is simply printed and trimmed to a desired fit.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you soon in the DS lounge.


  1. Love the nice soft look of the summer sky! So excited to have you with us offically! Cheers!

  2. CB, I'm so excited that you're an official, card-carrying Drunken Stamper Design-Type now! It's awesome to have you on the team!

    I gasped--literally-- when I saw this card, because it's so pretty and so totally the kind of dreamy look I love.

    And finally, a bit of advice: Don't set your cocktail on your crafting table unless you're REALLY into the distressed look. I learned that the hard way...


  3. Ok, I just had two double Margaritas, so what am I?? Your card is just so soft and pretty. Love it! Here's to you!